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Extra Allotments for Thornbury (EAT) Campaign

The allotments campaign has been lobbying for more allotments in Thornbury and some allotments for Alveston. 

As a result of lobbying by Sustainable Thornbury and others, two new allotments sites have been started:

  1. A field near Alveston;

  2. Filnore Allotments, adjoining Thornbury Leisure Centre.

Filnore Allotments

Allotments are being created near Filnore Woods at the back of the Thornbury Leisure Centre car park. These allotments are now called Filnore Allotments. For further details or to register an interest please contact the Filnore Allotments Association at 

Filnore Allotments Association Filnore Allotments Association Planting the boundary hedge Planting the boundary hedge

Filnore Allotments Association has had its first members' meeting and a member who is a surveyor will be laying out the plots in April. Then they will have another meeting to draw lots for a plot and they will get digging. Then they will fundraise for a fence etc. The secretary is Freddie Keey and membership is £10, payable to Filnore Allotment Association.


This site is a small plot of one and a half acres off Forty Acre Lane. It has been offered by Alveston resident Joan Hawkins. Only Alveston parish residents may have allotments at this site. 

The site will be managed by the Alveston Allotments Society. For further details, or to apply for an allotment, ring the secretary of the Alveston Allotments Society on 01454-414905 or email

Thornbury Crop Share

For those who are too busy or unable to manage an allotment, a crop share scheme has been set up, which employs a grower to grow organic vegetables on the edge of Thornbury. For details see the Thornbury Crop Share website.


Previously the only allotments we knew about in Thornbury and Alveston were the Daggs allotments at the top of the High Street in Thornbury. There were 50 people on the waiting list for allotments there, and the waiting list had been closed, so we did not know how many other people wanted to have allotments.  

For those with small gardens, allotments offer the land to grow some or all of our own fruit and vegetables. Growing our own food is very sustainable - there are no food miles and we can grow without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. We can grow for taste rather than shelf life and eat it within minutes of picking. And it's good fun.

Click here for the allotments campaign wiki page, with up-to-date news and views.