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Energy-Smart Homes Trail bannerThe Energy-Smart Homes Trail

Sustainable Thornbury organised an Energy-Smart Homes Trail in Thornbury and Alveston between on the weekend of 19th to 20th of October 2013. This event was in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council and supported by the Energy Savings Trust.

Energy-Smart Homes Trail postcard

The Energy-Smart Homes Trail was an open weekend for local homes to show energy saving technology, energy efficiency and how to cut energy bills and help the environment, including:

Householder and steward

Visitors were be able to talk to householders who have installed energy efficiency measures about the benefits and the problems.

Visiting a household

There is an Energy-Smart Homes Trail website, where you can read the details of all the homes, where they are, the opening times and what features they have. There is a case study for each house.

There were one community building and 13 homes open in Thornbury and Alveston. There was also a 'Hub' at The Swan in Thornbury High Street, where visitors could find out more, and get energy advice on the Saturday. 

Warm and Well stall at the Hub

A map leaflet (PDF 1.5MB) showed the houses, where they were, when they were open and what features they had. Paper copies could be picked up from Thornbury Library or Thornbury Town Hall. For residents of Alveston, there was a reduced version of the map leaflet in the centre of the The Helmet. There was also a Facebook page.