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We sometimes get asked to respond to consultations by other bodies. This page is about these consultations and our responses.

Proposed M48 windfarm, 2013

REG Windpower wants to build two big wind turbines close to the junction of the M4 and the M48 near Olveston. Sustainable Thornbury supports the project. Here are the reasons we support this wind farm proposal. They have now applied for planning permission. There is a very active opposition group OWAG that has distributed leaflets and has been sending a stream of letters to the Gazette. The planning application (no. PT12/4071/F) can be seen on the South Gloucestershire Council website and you can respond there.  Contact Alan or ring 01454-416778 for help. We encourage everyone to respond to the consultation, and to the Gazette letters.

South Gloucestershire Policies, Sites and Places Plan, 2013

The Policies, Sites and Places Plan (PSP) will have the detailed policies and maps for South Gloucestershire up to 2026. Together with the Core Strategy, this document will be part of the Local Plan. All planning applications are accepted by the Council if they comply with their planning policies. The PSP is currently being prepared, and the Council is asking for ideas about what to put in it. Sustainable Thornbury has submitted a response.

The Core Strategy is the document that sets out the broad planning policies of South Gloucestershire Council. In 2010 the Council held a consultation on the new pre-submission draft Core Strategy for South Gloucestershire up to 2026. Sustainable Thornbury submitted a response to this draft.  

Lodge Farm, 2010

Lodge Farm was a smallholding near Rudgeway owned by South Gloucestershire Council. The Council held a consultation on a proposal to sell all or part of the holding. Sustainable Thornbury responded that this was a valuable resource and community uses should be considered.